Our two labs, Abbey and Cocoa, were inundated with health issues for many years of their lives. For nearly five years, they suffered from constant skin issues, ear infections, hair loss, weight fluctuations, you name it. We spent years bouncing around from vet to vet, trying various medicines, switching foods almost monthly, all the while spending thousands of dollars trying to find the cause and a cure. On her first visit with our girls, Dr. T was able to pinpoint the cause of their ailments, and set them on the track to good health. Their conditions improved rapidly in the following weeks, and we now have the happy and healthy dogs we’ve missed for years. Their quality of life has improved dramatically, and we owe it all to Dr. T. She genuinely cares about you and your animals, listens to your concerns, and is a pleasure to interact with. We pass along our highest recommendation and are forever grateful. *
— Greg & Lauren Alsobrook - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Beth Wilkins Roberts reviewed 30A Vet —Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 

5 star

January 15 at 4:26pm ·

We are so thankful for the love and kindness Dr T and her staff have shown us. From helping us cope with losing our fur baby and caring for our other, we can't imagine trusting our animals to anyone else.*


Christina Kimm reviewed 30A Vet —Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.

5 star

August 10, 2015 ·

This is the best vet service I've ever been to! Dr. T and her staff are absolutely amazing! Very personable and very informative!! Always reachable for her clients! Would never change vets ever! My boy Gator loves loves Dr. T and her staff! Thank you so much for always being so great!!*


Alexandria White reviewed 30A Vet —Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 

5 star

August 12, 2015 ·

Dr T is the best! She always provides phenomenal care for my kitty babies. When my precious Carrera was so ill recently- near death, Dr T Took great care of her and ran all the appropriate tests. Because of her needing more intensive care, Dr T was not too proud to recommend that she needed specialty care. That very night Dr. T called Auburn University Veterinarian Hospital and got Carrera in immediately. She referred her to one of the world's best veterinary hospitals. They saved her life and she's perfectly healthy now. Throughout the entire visit at Auburn, Dr T was inquiring about Carrera's progress. She has a genuine care for her patients. 30A Vet is by far the best veterinary practice I've ever been to!*



Dan Mcmurtry reviewed 30A Vet —Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 

5 star

January 3, 2015 ·

Dr. T is the best, she saved our sweet bulldog Tootie, we had no idea what was wrong with her, the day after New Years she came to her office to help Tootie, we are so grateful for her, we could not ask for for a better Dr, a million thanks to the Dr. and her great staff.*


Jennifer Allen Brown reviewed 30A Vet —Miramar Beach, Fl. 

5 star

August 22, 2013 ·

Dr T helped me and my husband weigh the options of surgery for my 11 year old lab. Without going through with the splenectomy we were on borrowed time. Less than 24 hours post surgery "Fletch" seems happy and extremely comfortable. So happy she took the time and patience to weigh the options with us. Not only did she help us work through the decision she sent texts all throughout surgery day just checking in on Fletch, mom and dad. Such a wonderful caring vet for my furry babies.*



Julie Foisy Brown reviewed 30A Vet —Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 

5 star

June 18, 2014 ·

Love the staff and love Dr. Shatzel. More importantly, so do my animals! Have had to spend more time there than I wish and couldn't ask for a better experience each time. Dr. T definitely understands business in a small town and goes out of her way for her furry customers. We are so very lucky to have her in the community.*


Steve Kotowske reviewed 30A Vet —Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 

5 star

November 4, 2014 ·

Dr. T is a great Veterinarian and she has an amazing staff. The care they provide is outstanding and you can just tell they love what they do!*


Gary Thomas reviewed 30A Vet —Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 

5 star

February 4, 2014 ·

Dr.T....you are a WONDERFUL Vet! Thank you SO MUCH for your incredible expertise in seeing after my cat and making me feel secure and comfortable with our procedure. A+++++++*



Brandi Neilson Flusche reviewed 30A Vet —Broken Arrow, Ok.

5 star

August 25, 2014 ·

The BEST vet we have ever been to. Dr. T and staff treated us like we were their own patients. We were in Florida for vacation when our dog started delivering her puppies. There were some complications and we needed to immediately seek help. Dr. T and the ladies were of immediate assistance and helped to save our sweet girl and her puppies. By the end of the week, we felt like everyone was our family. I would HIGHLY recommend 30A Vet to anyone! Thank you again!!*